Monday, April 29, 2019

White tigress in Gujarat zoo gives birth to 3 healthy cubs

Rajkot, Apr 3 (UNI) In yet another good news for the wild-life lovers in Gujarat, a white tigress in the RMC run Rajkot Zoological Park (Pradhyumn Park Zoo) has given birth to three healthy cubs on Tuesday night, Superintendent of the Zoo, Ranchhod Hirpara said here on Wednesday.
Earlier on April 1, A lioness kept under ambitious Lion Gene Pool Project in in Satvirda Nesh in the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary in Porbandar district of Gujarat had given birth to two healthy cubs.
There are 51 species of animals and birds with 18 Asiatic lions, 6 white tigers (only one male and five female) and one yellow tigress.
Notably in July 2018 another yellow tigress died because of snake bite.

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