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Injured lion attacks forest tracker inside animal care centr ..

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RAJKOT: A 52-year-old forest tracker was attacked by an injured adult male lion at the Vadal Animal Care Centre near Palitana in Bhavnagar district on Wednesday morning. The tracker suffered injuries on his leg and other parts of the body and is admitted to Sir T Hospital in Bhavnagar.
The incident took place when forest tracker Tila Nanji Dodia had gone to feed the lion who was brought to the centre with injury in his legs.
According to forest officials, the male lion about nine-years-old was brought to this animal care centre for treatment after he was found injured by forest officials.
Sources said that Dodia after placing the food inside the lion’s cage forgot to close the gate after coming out. The lion followed Dodia out of the cage without him knowing and attacked him from behind.
Assistant conservator of forest (ACF) Bhavnagar V R Rathod said, “The lion’s instinct was to get away out of the cage. When it saw cage door open it came out and the first person in saw was tracker Dodia whom it attacked believing it to be a potential threat.”
The tracker fell down and tried to save himself with a stick that was in his hand. The lion then left Dodia and started to look for a way out into the open forest.
But since centre is has a hight compound wall the lion could not find an opening. Meanwhile, the tracker ran to his cottage nearby and informed others. The 2-3 persons inside the campus who came to help Dodia also informed the 108 emergency ambulance service. The ambulance entered the premises from back gate and took Dodia to the hospital.
However, the lion kept moving inside the campus. The veterinary doctor called to tranquillize the lion took nearly two hours reach as he was engaged in similar work far away.
The doctor and other foresters came in two vehicles inside the compound and fired the tranquillizer shot on the lion. The wild cat was caged after it got unconscious.
In November last year, two lions had killed a forest labourer and injured one other in Devaliya Safari park of Gir forest.

52-year-old Woman Mauled to Death by Leopard While She Was Asleep Near Gujarat's Gir Forest

The leopard crept into the woman’s house and attacked her when she was asleep in her house. Her dead body was later recovered from her house.

Vijaysinh Parmar | News18
Updated:May 28, 2019, 2:04 PM ISTAhmedabad: A 52-year-old woman was mauled to death by a leopard when she was asleep at her house near Gir forest in Gujarat’s Junagadh district on Monday night.

The victim has been identified as Shardaben Vavaiya, a resident of Kangshiyada village in Visavadar taluka, said forest department officials.

“The incident occurred in Ghodasan beat in Grass round of Visavadar forest range in Gir forests. The leopard crept into the woman’s house and attacked her when she was asleep in her house. Her dead body was later recovered from her house. We have placed cages to nab the leopard from the area that attacked the woman,’’ said a senior forest official.

“Our forest staff is on the spot and the process of initiating the ex-gratia for the kin of deceased has begun,’’ said D T Vasavada, Chief Conservator of Forests, Junagadh Wildlife Circle, Junagadh.

According to 2016 leopard census data of Gujarat forest department, there were total 1395 leopards in the state.

The incidents of human-wildlife conflicts in and around Gir wildlife Sanctuary occur regularly as wild animals venture out into the human habitats in search of food and expand their territory as their numbers are increasing every year.

The Majestic Royal Orient Express

Adivasis of Girjai turn a new leaf

Chhatbir zoo all set to get exotic animals from Africa

MOHALI: The Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park popularly known as Chhatbir Zoo is all set to import a set of exotic animals from Africa. The zoo will have zebra, giraffe, chimpanzee and gorilla imported from Africa.
Apart from this, it is also going to get a pair of Asiatic lions and white tiger from other zoos in the country. Recently, Punjab chief minister gave permission to the wildlife department to initiate the process of importing wild animals such as zebra, giraffe, chimpanzee and gorilla from African countries for Chhatbir zoo to improve the animal collection and footfall there.
Chhatbir zoo field director M Sudhagar said, “The consent for import has been given by the Punjab government and the process is already underway and may get expedited after the code of conduct is over. The animal exchange will also take place after the poll results.”
It will for the first time that Chhatbir zoo will get giraffe, chimpanzee and gorilla which will improve the animal collection and footfall at the zoo. Sources said the CM had directed the additional chief secretary forests to send a comprehensive proposal for transferring the revenue generated from Chhatbir zoo to the accounts of Punjab Zoo’s Development Society instead of the state treasury so as to ensure smooth functioning of the zoo and upkeep of the wild animals.
The Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) has given another clearance to get animals under animal exchange programme. Under this, Chhatbir zoo will get a female white tigress and a pair of Asiatic lions.
At present the zoo has only two male white tigers and there was need of a female white tigress to complete the family. The two male white tigers were bred and born at the zoo and are between age group of 6-7 years. The white tigress to be brought is also around seven years old.
An officer at the zoo said, “We need to complete the pairing of the animals for proper mating defying the atrocities to the animals of being alone.” A pair of Asiatic lions, a male and a female will also be added to the strength of four lions, one female and three male at the zoo. Three out of the four Asiatic lions were bred and born at Chhatbir zoo and are aged between 8 to 9 years. A pair of Asiatic lions being exchanged are also aged between 8 to 9 years, said the director.
Last year, ahead of the National Wildlife Week, seven new members belonging to three species were brought under animal exchange programmes at Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park. They were Indian wolf, Royal snake, Chukar partridge, grey pelicans, star tortoise, ostrich, otters and mouse deer.
Importing of African lions proved fatal for zoo
Chhatbir zoo once had the highest strength of Asiatic lions in the country, nearly 80 lions, faced a very bad phase after importing of African lions in the 80’s. As on experimental basis the zoo authorities mated African lions with Asiatic lions causing some genetical infections leading to death of huge number of lions. After that, at one time the zoo remained without a lion.
Since then the importing of African animals was stopped. Now, the Punjab wildlife department has approved the importing of African Animals.
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Many political animals shall be free after election result to be added in the zoo cages,
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According to the report titled Regional Action Plan for the conservation of western lowland gorillas and central chimpanzees 2015-2025 issued by the World Wide Fund for Nature, an international non-governmental organization (WWF), outlines the growing number of threats to these great apes across six range countries, including the finding that nearly 80% of great apes in the region occur outside of protected areas.
While national and international laws protect the critically endangered western lowland gorillas and the central chimpanzees, both sub-species continue to be threatened by hunters and traders seeking to supply the illegal commercial market and demand for bushmeat, particularly in urban areas.

Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (May 20, 2019)

Down To Earth brings you the top environmental cases heard in the Supreme Court, the high courts and the National Green Tribunal
By DTE Staff
Last Updated: Tuesday 21 May 2019
Photo: Getty Images Photo: Getty Images
Extension of breakwater at Chhara 
The grant of environmental and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance for the extension of breakwater at Chhara Port came up for consideration before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on May 15, 2019. According to a case field by the residents of the area — Chhara Sarkhadi village of Kodinar taluka in Gujarat's Gir Somnath district — the extension would affect the aquatic life and eco-sensitive area, which has not been taken into account. The same holds true for the quantity of minerals, construction material, forest and timber. 
No requisite public hearing was conducted for the project by M/s Simar Port Pvt Ltd; the Asiatic Lion conservation plan has also not been prepared. The NGT directed the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), the Gujarat Coastal Zone Management Authority, the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and Simar Port to submit a report within a month. 
Compensation for Faridabad damage
According to a report submitted by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) before the NGT on May 16, 2019,  untreated waste water from Badkal village as well as from drainage system of Sainik Colony near Sectors 48-49, Faridabad was being disposed into the open and the sewer line was chocked. The sewage network has not been cleaned for long; solid waste and demolition waste were also being dumped on open land. The Municipal Corporation Faridabad and the Haryana Urban Development Authority were accountable in the issue.
The NGT sought a report detailing the damages to be recovered, identification of polluters and erring officers, from whom compensation for the damage to the environment and cost of restoration should be recovered.
Central Monitoring Committee responsible for elephants 
The NGT on May 16, 2019 said the Central Monitoring Committee constituted by the MoEFCC was responsible for coordinating with states home to elephants regarding the safety of the animals in protected zones. The NGT had taken up an application by Pradip Kumar Bhuyan, seeking adequate steps for conservation of free passage for elephants in Assam. Railway tracks, national and state highways and transmission lines should be declared elephant protection zones, similar to ecological sensitive areas, Bhuyan said.  
Lackadaisical attitude on Almora SWM 
The NGT on May 16, 2019 directed Uttarakhand to furnish a performance guarantee of Rs 10 lakh to the CPCB to ensure timely compliance of its directions on the issue of unscientific disposal of municipal solid waste at Almora. The state's chief secretary has been directed to monitor the situation; the MoEFCC has been asked to explain why orders were not complied with.
It was pointed out that the matter has been pending before the tribunal for four years. The NGT had directed through on September 12, 2018 that the waste processing and treatment facility must commence before December 15, 2018, which would be the responsibility of the state's additional chief secretary for urban development. A direction was also issued to the MoEFCC to take steps to implement Extended Producer’s Responsibility in accordance with Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Lion cub found dead in Tulsishyam range of Guj's Gir forest

Press Trust of India  |  Ahmedabad 
The dismembered body of a lion cub was found in the Range of Gujarat's Gir, D T Vasavada, Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Circle said Friday.
He said pug marks of lions were found on the spot and it appears the cub, around 4-5 months old, was killed in a territorial fight, he added.
With this latest death, as many as five cubs, three lions and two lionesses have been found dead in since February.
The Gir forest, the last abode of the Asiatic lion, is home to around 600 big cats according to the latest estimate by the forest department.
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Lion found dead in Dalkhaniya range of Gir forest

Press Trust of India  |  Ahmedabad 
A lion was found dead in Dalkhaniya range of forest in Gujarat, an said on Wednesday.
The carcass of the lion was found in a forest patch of Dalkhaniya range under the Gir-East division, an said, adding that reason of death was not known immediately.
"We have not found any visible injury marks on the carcass during our primary investigation. It appeared that the lion died a few days ago. We will conduct its post-mortem to ascertain the exact cause," said Chief of Forests (Wildlife), Junagadh, D T Vasavada.
Notably, this is the same range of forest where at least 10 lions had died last year due to a deadly combination of canine distemper virus and protozoal infection.
With Wednesday's death, as many as four cubs, three lions, and two lionesses have been found dead in the forest since February.
Gujarat, the last abode of Asiatic lions, is home to around 600 lions in Gir and surrounding areas as per the latest estimate by the forest department.
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