Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lion cub led baffled rangers to its mother's dead body.

Strange behaviour: the lion cub went to fetch rangers to help (Picture: Getty)
Experts were left flummoxed when a lion cub led forest guards to its mother’s dead body in India.
Rangers working in Gir, India, found the cub hiding in the bushes. When they followed it, they were led to its mother’s corpse.
The lion cub then guarded his mother until officials arrived to remove her body.
Anshuman Sharma, deputy conservator of Forests, said the cub’s behaviour was incredibly rare and something he has never come across before.
He told the BBC: “They are not like dogs, they won't shake paws or wag tails, but we believe they recognise guards they see every day."
A post-mortem examination suggested the lioness died during a fight with other animals.
Gir, in the Gujarat state, is home to the Asiatic lions that are watched over by rangers looking over the forest.
Cubs are dependent on their mothers for survival until they are aged three-years-old.
The 15 month old lion is now under constant observation of the forest rangers.

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