Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another bundle of joy for Dublin Zoo: See the new baby lion cub.

By Claire Healy

Can you name this lovely little lion? Dublin Zoo's latest addition is a baby boy

Patrick Bolger
The cutest thing you'll see today, hotfoot it to Dublin Zoo to see him in the flesh
Be prepared to aww - Dublin Zoo has welcomed another new arrival.
A male Asian lion cub was born to mum Zuri and dad Kumar, who relocated from Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands to Dublin last year.
Zookeepers had hoped that Kumar would have romance on his mind in Dublin as he had already fathered several lion cubs in his previous home, while Zuri is a first time mum.
The good news keeps coming for Dublin Zoo as it welcomed a as they celebrated the birth of a baby elephant just two weeks ago.
And if these adorable snaps are anything to go by, the cuddly creature is settling in very well.

The cute cub's birth heralds a great success for the international breeding programme for this critically endangered species.
There are less than 350 Asian lions in the wild - all found in one spot - the Gir Forest in India.
Ciaran McMahon from the animal care team at Dublin Zoo said: "We’re thrilled about the arrival of the cub. He has a wonderfully playful and curious personality.
"It’s lovely to see Zuri taking to her role as a new mum so well and Kumar is as cool and calm as ever. At two months old he now weighs an estimated 6.6kg."
But the zoo are looking for the public's help in giving this little roarer a name. They are taking suggestions on their Facebook page.

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