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Visit to Gujarat - The Jewell of the West by Michael Braganza!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Visit to Gujarat - the Jewell of West and get enchanted with its religious, cultural and historical panorama. The history and cultural tradition of Gujarat dates back the time of the Indus valley civilization established by ruins found at Lothal. The Indian state of Gujarat is situated between 20.6 and 24.42 degrees north latitude and 68.10 and 74.28 degrees east longitude. Located on the western part of the sub-continent of India, the state of Gujarat gets its name from "Gujjar Rashtra", the land of Gujjars, a migrant tribe who passed through Punjab and settled in some parts of western India in the 5th century.

The Jewell of the west, Gujarat is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the sub-continent of India which attract a large gathering of travelers & tourists to the state and offers something for every tourist. The state has the longest sea coastline in the country and famous for its beaches. Some of major beaches of Gujarat are Ahmedpur Mandavi, Beyt Dwarka Beach, Chorwad Beach, Gopnath Beach, and Veraval Beach etc.

Apart from beaches Gujarat is blessed with architectural assets, holy temples & places, hill resorts, wildlife sanctuary, and many places of tourist interest. Together with wide-ranging destinations, the elegant & stylish handicrafts, the yummy foodstuffs, and colourful lifestyle of Gujarati people, enhance to its charm and its charm never fails to attract the attention of tourist.

Gujarat is also famous among tourists for its fascinating diversity of wildlife. Each is related to one another and has its unique environment. The wildlife of Gujarat is habitat of many kinds of animals and also some extremely rare animals. The Gir is the world famous forest. The Asiatic lion is only found in the Gir. During your Gujarat wildlife tours you will visit various wildlife sanctuary and national parks which will surely enchant you with its fascination. Some of the major wildlife of Gujarat is Sasangir National Park, Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary, Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Marine National Park, Velavadar Blackbuck Sanctuary etc.

Some of the top Gujarat Tours attraction: Sabarmati Ashram / Mahatma Gandhi's Home, Ahmedabad Hathee Singh Jain Temple, Ahmedabad Calico Museum of Textiles, Ahmedabad Jama Masjid, Ahmedabad Dada Hari, Ahmedabad Siddha Shree Dhoramnath Monastery, Bhuj Dhoramnath Temple, Bhuj Champaner-Pavagadh, Vadodara Little Rann of Kutch Rauza, Ahmedabad

To make your Gujarat tour handier, many travel agencies and tour planners of India offer Gujarat tours packages and they also provide valuable information about your Gujarat tours. During your Gujarat tours you will know what the state is famous for and will be familiar with its exotic cultural tradition, attractive handicrafts, and architectural assets and of course its wildlife. What a tourist can ask for, Gujarat tour tries to fulfill every type of his demand. Become a part of Gujarat tour and get enchanted with its everlasting sweet charm. The fascination of Gujarat is in waiting for your arrival.

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