Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pride of the zoo!

12:00p.m. 15 September 2007
| Nicole Richardson

They are cute and cuddly. And the latest additions to Australia Zoo at Beerwah are causing quite a fuss.

Charlie, the male cub in a pride of three eight-week-old Bengal tiger cubs, was named from the get-go.

The two girls’ naming rights will be auctioned to raise money to further the zoo’s tiger conservation projects.

And although the cubs are only two months old, Australia Zoo big cat supervisor Giles Clark said they would help to deliver the message of tiger conservation awareness.

“They’re going to have a very important role within the facility,” he said.

“Not only helping to raise and create awareness about the problem regarding tiger conservation, but they’re also going to be integral in helping to raise resources to support our partners and our programs that we support overseas.”

And their irresistible charm is too must to resist.

“They’re truly one of the world’s most charismatic animals,” Mr Clark said.

“They’re the only striped member of the cat family, hence why they’re so distinctive.

“Just last year, in fact, Animal Planet did a worldwide survey of what was the world’s most popular animal and tigers came out on top.

“I think everyone can relate to the cats because there are so many domestic cats and if you don’t have a cat, you had a cat when you were a child.

“There are so many similar behaviours and characteristics – they capture people’s hearts.”

The cubs will remain at the zoo for their entire lives, and will be introduced to the five older tigers in the Tiger Temple within the next few weeks.

They will be on show from Saturday, with viewings from 11am to 1.45pm each day.

To make a bid to name one of the beautiful girls, visit from Saturday.


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