Thursday, September 20, 2007

A new arrival - Adult Male Asiatic Lion named VIRAL at Rajkot Aji Zoo.

Our Rajkot Zoo have a new guest named 'VIRAL' an Asiatic Lion from

He's adult male lion but Viral, offers a glimmer of hope for his

The male Asiatic Lion, who is being hand-reared by Rajkot Aji Zoo
from Junagadh Sakkarbaug Zoo.

With between 300-350 Asiatic Lions left in the wild, the adult male
will make a big difference to the conservation of his species.

Asiatic Lions can now only be found in India's Gir Forest. With the
number of Asiatic Lions plummeting, Rajko Aji Zoo's Viral will
eventually play a major part in a breeding programme for his species,
ensuring it continues.

"The fact that Viral is a male means he has the potential to play a
really important role in the breeding programme for his species."

This King Viral have 5 Queens at Rajkot Aji Zoo.

Congratulations Maradia Saheb (Zoo Suptd. Aji Zoo, Rajkot - Gujarat.)

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