Monday, March 3, 2008

New partner for at risk lioness

A zoo has brought in a new lion for an endangered lioness, because her old mate has a low sperm count and cannot father any more cubs.

Moti, 14, Bristol Zoo's Asiatic lioness, already has three offspring by her former mate Chandra, 14.

But staff wanted her to be a mother again and have brought in Kamal, a 13-year-old from Twycross Zoo.

They hope the pair will bond, because there are just 350 Asiatic lions left in the wild.

The species can only be found in the wild in the Gir Forest Sanctuary in northern India.

Chandra has now moved to Cotswold Wildlife Park to comfort a female lion whose partner died in November.

Bristol Zoo's senior curator of animals, John Partridge, said: "Asiatic lions are critically endangered, so it is great news to have a new male lion and Kamal is a very handsome-looking creature."

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