Sunday, March 16, 2008

How long can this go on…..?

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I have really sad news and I’m not sure how to put it. It has not even been ten days since I posted that a lion was killed on Eselenkei….. now two more lions have been killed.

The apparent reason for the killing is that these lions killed two livestock. However, there are contradictory stories about the killings and I am still trying to establish what led to the persecution. We do know there were two female lions speared on the neighboring Olgulului group ranch, which is to the west of our ranch. The lions were actually killed 5km to the east of where we got stuck in the mud in January.

All this killing makes me wonder how many lions will be left in the ecosystem if this rate of slaughtering continues. Something must be done as soon as possible to save the king of the cats.

Below are photographs of the carcasses of the two female lions.

This is the second lion that was speared on OLG but died a day later. You can clearly see how her paws were cut off as trophies.

Our efforts of conserving lions on Mbirikani ranch will be like putting out a raging forest fire using a fire extinguisher if the people on neighboring group ranches don’t begin to see the value in lions and other wildlife. Lions know no boundaries. When they move to other ranches they get killed, hampering our conservation work. We desperately need to expand the Lion Guardians and other conservation efforts to these areas.

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