Saturday, March 29, 2008

Animal Planet to launch Hindi feed. Team
(28 March 2008 8:10 pm)

MUMBAI : In an attempt to increase its viewership in the country, Animal Planet will launch a parallel 24-hour Hindi feed from April this year.

"We will start a dual Hindi feed. Animal Planet will be able to reach a lot more homes and we can increase our advertising revenues," said Discovery Networks India managing director Deepak Shourie.

Animal Planet is already available in English but there is growing pressure on networks to offer their service in Hindi as well so that they can widen their penetration in mass markets. Discovery and National Geographic already offer a Hindi service to viewers.

The channel also has plans to show some India-centric shows in the months to come. Some of them include Riding the Cobra Express with Jeff Corwin, Tigers of the Sunderbans, Ghost of the Ganges, When Bamboo Flowers, In Search of King Cobras and Chasing Nature.

Will Animal Planet produce locally in India? "We have acquired a lot of programmes related to India, but we haven't produced anything yet. We will probably produce India-centric shows but only when the time is right," said Shourie.

Animal Planet is beefing up its prime time content. The channel has lined up four new shows which will be aired between 8 pm till 12 midnight daily.

Among the new programmes, Safari, which will be aired Monday to Saturday at 8 pm, is dedicated to the entire lifecycle of plants and animals from the Savannah to the Himalayas.

Masters of the Jungle will be aired Monday to Saturday at 9 pm and is dedicated to animal life.

"With programmes from wildlife enthusiasts like David Attenborough and Steve Irwin, the show will reveal facts and dispel myths about the wild," said Shourie.

Everyday of the week at 10 pm, Animal Planet will showcase Animal Planet Week. The show will be based on a new theme each week.

Also daily at 11 pm will be Wild Encounters. As the name suggests, this show will deal with some of the most dangerous and up-close encounters in nature.



Anonymous said...

HI SIr, You must have heard of the ANimal Planet Hero of the Year award.
Can you think of ANy nominations ?
I have thought of two, THe WIldlife SOS which is doing very good work in rescuing dancing bears and bear cubs and the WPSI that too is very active.
Also the people that are doing work on snakes.
Please reply

Anonymous said...

DO you know of the award of the PLanet Earth for the Hero of the year?
I am thinking of putting in the name of two orgs engagedin wild life consevaiton.
do u have any suggestions. Please reply for expanding my knowledge.