Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gir's Maulana, Big B's co-star in Gujarat ad, dead

AHMEDABAD: Maulana, the iconic Asiatic lion of Gir, who was among eight lions featured in the advertisement 'Khushboo Gujarat Ki', died on Wednesday. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, after seeing Maulana in 2010, wrote on his blog: "LION!! And no, not just one, many!"

Bachhan then described the scene, "They are just coming in numbers..3, 4 its 7 of them, led by the male lion, two females and cubs! They calmly come up to the water and start drinking. The older male leaves the hole and sits down by the side, the others still moving about the water..."

Announcing the death of the majestic lion on Thursday, chief conservator of forest, A P Singh, said, "The lion, which frequented the tourism zone, was named Maulana because of his looks. He was around 16 years old and under treatment for the last 10 days." Singh said that for the past couple of years, Maulana lived without his pride, and was one of the oldest surviving lions along with Ram, another old male. Ram, too, was 16 when he died earlier this month. Usually, a lion loses h is 'lordship' of a territory in about three years, but Maulana and his brother Tapu could not be dislodged for several years. The two reigned over a group of 39 lionesses and cubs.
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