Thursday, May 26, 2016

Asiatic lion in Mysuru zoo dies

It was suffering from kidney and liver problems

After the death of a male African cheetah at the zoo last month, an Asiatic lion, which was eight years and two months old, breathed its last on Monday.
The lion, Shankar, had been brought to the zoo five years ago from Sakkarbaugh Zoo, Junagadh, Gujarat.
Zoo authorities said the lion had become dull and stopped eating since April 30. On May 2, the animal was taken into the squeeze cage and treatment begun.
“We got in touch with veterinarians of Hyderabad Zoo Lion Safari and Shivamogga Lion Safari on treating the animal. On May 7, C. Ansar Kamran, Department of Medicine, Veterinary College, Hassan, was called and his opinion sought,” said zoo executive director S. Venkatesan.
Blood examination revealed that the animal was suffering from kidney and liver problems, the zoo executive director, said in a release.
Nevertheless, the treatment continued since then following Prof. Ansar Kamran’s advice. Till Monday morning, the animal showed no interest in food.
With the death of the lion, the zoo is now left with an Asiatic lioness, Gowri, who was brought along with Shankar from Gujarat under an exchange programme.
But Gowri too has health problems and has not fully recovered from an ailment despite treatment. Gowri had once delivered a cub which did not survive.
Asiatic lions have been listed as endangered species, found only in the Gir forest in Gujarat. Sakkarbaug Zoo is famous for breeding Asiatic lions.

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