Monday, June 29, 2015

Stork to visit safari lions.

LUCKNOW: Etawah lion safari may soon have cubs born to two of the lion pairs.

It's been about eight to nine weeks since the pairs were brought together for mating and the symptoms, said the officers at the safari, are "positive".

Experts from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) had visited the safari few days back to examine the lionesses.

Etawah lion safari is one of the ambitious projects of the Akhilesh government.

UP forest department had brought four pairs of Asiatic lions from zoos in Gujarat and Hyderabad in 2013 for breeding centre at upcoming Etawah safari. Cubs born to the pairs will be released in safari area.

Before being released in Etawah, one lion pair was kept in Kanpur zoo and three in Lucknow zoo.

After permission from CZA, a pair was released in Etawah in April last year and three other pairs in September. One of the pairs died in October.

Lion safari, a pet project of Mulayam government conceived in 2005, was put in abeyance by successive BSP government.

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