Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Allen Forest to breed animals for proposed Lion Safari.

Abhinav Malhotra, TNN Jan 14, 2013, 02.33AM IST
KANPUR: With the purpose of breeding the lions and sending the offsprings to the proposed Lion Safari in Etawah, a pair of Asiatic lions will be transported from Hyderabad zoo soon to Allen Forest here.
The visitors to Kanpur Zoo will get a chance to see a pair of Asiatic lions roaring after a gap of two years. The Central Zoo Authority had approved the exchange of a rhino, pair of thamins and a pair of hyena with a pair of lion and three golden pheasants.
Kanpur zoo will hand over a male rhino, thamins and hyenas to Hyderabad zoo and get a pair of lions, one male and two female golden pheasants.
Zoo director Praveen Rao said: "The purpose of bringing Asiatic lions to Kanpur zoo is two-fold. We will get two lions and its offsprings will be transported to Lion Safari proposed to come up in Etawah."
It might be recalled that the state government has provided 150 hectares of land in Fisher Forest area in Etawah for the proposed Lion Safari.
In November 2010, two lions that were domesticated in Kanpur zoo had died because of kidney failure.
Rao said that lions will be brought to Kanpur zoo in February as harsh weather conditions are prevailing in the city. He added that a month is required to train thr heavy animal to be transported via road.
A team of zoo staff, including zoo veterinarians, will take care of the animals during transportation.
The zoo director informed that due to the prevailing harsh conditions, the process of transporting the pair of lions has been postponed but if sunny weather prevails for one week, the animals would be brought here from Hyderabad zoo.
He added that latest by February 15, the pair of lions will be transported to Kanpur zoo.

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