Monday, March 5, 2012

Lioness hit by porcupine quills treated at Junagadh hospital.

PTI | 02:03 PM,Mar 04,2012
Vadodara, Mar 4 (PTI) A lioness from Gir sanctuary, wounded by porcupine quills, was recovering well after an operation, forest officers said today. The animal was found at Kardapan of Jasadhar Forest Range three days ago, said Anshuman Sharma, Assistant Forest Conservator. A forest officer found that she was not moving, and on inspection, realised that two porcupine quills had pierced her neck. The lioness had become very weak as she had not eaten possibly for days, as the injury had made it difficult for her to move around. She was first tranquilised, and the team headed by Dr Vamza removed the quills on the spot. Later, she was taken to nearby veterinary hospital at Sakkarbag Zoo, Junagadh. Gir sanctuary houses 411 Asiatic lions, as per the last census.

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