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Odour-free uniforms for Gujarat foresters.

Updated on Monday, February 28, 2011, 10:59
Ahmedabad: After 40 years, foresters in Gujarat are set to get a image makeover as they will be provided with newly-designed odour-free uniforms and more ergonomically-fitted apparel kits.
The new attire, designed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), will first be introduced for the foresters manning the Gir National Park, the last abode of Asiatic Lions.
"A light khaki coloured uniform has been designed for the foresters which is odour-free due to an anti-microbial finish given to the garment for better comfort in summers," said Vishal Gupta, head of NIFT, Gandhinagar.
"The outfit comes with accessories like ankle guard for protection from snake bites, ruksack for keeping daily required utilities, besides suggestions for a pair of good trekking shoes," he said.
"The idea behind introducing new uniforms for rangers in Gir is to give a new look to our officers posted in a special area of the state," Principal Secretary, Forest and Environment, SK Nanda told a news agency.
"The uniforms are part of a special package for them. It is expected to be introduced within a month or two," he said.
Earlier, foresters used to get uniforms as per the state government resolution (GR) on dress code of the forest department officials dating back to 1970, which is now likely to be amended.
The khaki coloured fabric has been chosen for uniform of forest officials after a lot of research, Gupta said.
"After interviewing around 100 field staff in Gir forest area we discovered that Lions have never attacked a person wearing khaki-coloured dress," Gupta claimed.
The state government about two years ago had roped in NIFT Gandhinagar to design the uniform for the field staff of Gir National Park.
NIFT has proposed two set of uniforms for forest department officials, a light khaki coloured one for the foresters or field staff who are on vigil in wild life areas and a dark coloured one for the range officers.
"The dark coloured khaki dress designed for forest range officers aims to give these officers a look similar to that of armed forces," Gupta said, adding that its more formal looking than the one designed for field staff.
The foresters have to man the wild life during seasons of extreme heat and rain. In such conditions this uniform will increase their comfort level, Gupta said.
In the last census, population of Asiatic Lions in Gir National Park was higher than 400, and ever since then the destination has topped the itinerary of tourists visiting Gujarat.

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