Monday, March 21, 2011

GU to make e-content for zoology syllabus.

Bharat Yagnik, TNN, Mar 19, 2011, 03.47am IST
AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat University (GU) will soon undertake a project to provide e-content for zoology syllabus to colleges all over the country.
The ministry of human resources and development has granted a project to GU and Consortium for Education Communication (CEC) along with Ahmedabad-based Educational Media Research Centre to convert the entire syllabus of zoology into e-format.
The e-content would be in the form of modules with each capsule lasting 30 minutes. The first year syllabus will be covered in 30 modules, while the second year syllabus will be broken into 50 modules and the third year zoology syllabus will be covered in 100 modules. "The e-content will be extremely useful to students as pupils countrywide can upload the same on computers and understand subjects better since the content would be high on visuals", said GU vice-chancellor Parimal Trivedi.
The modules will be made on all 20 subjects of zoology which include animal diversity, cell biology and genetics.
Apart from the routine syllabus, special programmes will also be made on the Asiatic lion wherein clips of the king of the Gir jungle will also be shown. "We will also explain in detail how lions are living in their only abode in Asia, the breeding techniques which are being used by experts in the zoo as well as other interesting details", said M V Rao, head of GU's zoology department.
Officials said that the project's total cost was Rs 3 crore of which Rs 1 crore was sanctioned by the ministry. Trivedi said that production engineers and 40 teachers of the subject will be involved in the conceptualizing and execution of this ambitious project which will change the way a subject is taught in colleges.
"The visual element will be high in the modules and we will also use animation up to an extent", said Trivedi.

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