Monday, January 17, 2011

Lions Invade Villages and Attack Livestock in India's Gujarat State.

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Villagers residing in the border areas of the Gir Forest in India's western state of Gujarat are living in constant fear as lions frequently enter their village.
[Ashwin Naliyadhara, Farmer]:
"Our village is very close to the jungle. Lions constantly enter the village and harm our livestock and kill them. So there is lot of fear in the village."
On Tuesday night, a lioness barged into a cattle shed and attacked a cow in Gigasan village.
Out of fear, the villagers now graze their cattle within the village perimeter.
Villagers say one night the big cats attacked two cows, one bull and seven goats in the village.
The lions confidently enter fields and villages, forcing terrified villagers into their homes.
The Gir Forest National park is the biggest reserve for Asiatic lions in India and houses more than 400 lions.

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