Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heavy rains lash Junagadh,two killed in house collapse

Sibte Husain Bukhari
Posted: Sep 17, 2008 at 0143 hrs IST
Junagadh,City areas in grip of civic woes; schools remain closed

Torrential rain threw life out of gear in Junagadh district and claimed two more lives on Tuesday.

The first casualty occurred when the wall of an old house collapsed at Kanaja village near Vanthali town. A 65-year-old man identified as Bachu Nathani was buried under the debris and died. In a separate incident, Ramjibhai Tida, a 55-year-old man died after he was buried under the debris of his house.

Heavy rains also led to the collapse of a two-storey abandoned house at Mendarada town. But no casualties were reported.

According to the district flood control room, Junagadh city and Visavadar received 12 inches (300 mm) of rainfall in the last 24 hours ending Tuesday evening. Other areas in the district that received rainfall are Vanthali 215mm, Talala 163mm, Bhesan 146 mm, Mendarada 133mm, Sutrapada 125mm, Keshod 117mm, Manawadar 100mm, Kodinar 95mm, Una 75mm, Veraval 73mm, Maliya 68 mm and Mangarol 23 mm.

The entire district is experiencing heavy rainfall. Almost all the rivers are flooded, with the dams and the check dams overflowing. Heavy rains in the uphill areas have also led to at least one dozen villages in Ghed being marooned. Out of 19 major dams, 10, namely, Hiran -1, Madhuwanti, Zanzeshri, Machhundri, Hasnapur, Ozat (vanthali), Ozat-2, Mota Gujariya, Aanandpur and Ozat (Shapur) are overflowing while the flood gates in five have been opened. They are Hiran-2, Aambajal, Dharaad, Shingoda and Raval.

Several complaints of water-logging were also reported in Junagadh city. According to sources, water-logging occurred at Timbawadi, Madhuram, Aaditya Nagar and Nehri Nagar society area.

Many of the educational institutions remained closed. The city's main thoroughfares also wore a deserted look as people chose to remain indoors.

Junagadh District Collector Aswini Kumar, said: “Some villages in Ghed area are isolated, but we have taken adequate action to meet any eventuality. The situation is under control and no major incidents have been reported so far anywhere in the district. Besides, the administrative machinery is on an alert now,” he said.

Torrential rain has been also reported in the Gir and Girnar Forests. But no loss of life to wildlife has been reported so far. Heavy water flow has been reported from the rivers flowing from the forest area.


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