Monday, September 15, 2008

Charri Dhand 'conservation' reserve to boost birds' protection

Parag Dave
Ahmedabad, Sept 11 (PTI) Gujarat government's decision to declare the Charri Dhand wetland area in Banni region of Kutch as a conservation reserve will be a major boost to the efforts of preservation of lakhs of avian species found in the area, a top wildlife official has said.

The exotic wetland of Charri Dhand falls on the international migratory route of birds coming from Siberia and Europe during winter.

It is a paradise for bird watchers and ornithologists as 74 different avian species are found in the area during the winter.

Though the state falls on the migratory route of birds, so far little was done for their conservation.

"The declaration of 22,700 hectares of the wetland and surrounding areas as conservation reserve last month by the state government will be a major boost for preservation of wildlife found there," Conservator of Forest of Kutch, R L Meena, told PTI.

"Commercial fishing activity which had increased in the wetland posing threat to the food resources for the birds will be entirely stopped now," Meena said.

The activity of hunting of these birds will also be controlled.

"Charri Dhandh has recorded 74 species of birds. There were over one lakh pelicans in the last bird count in and around the wetland," Meena said.

Apart from the birds, 55 distinct species of animals have been spotted from the areas in and around Chhari Dhandh. PTI


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