Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lion-prey relationships in Gir Protected Area - V Meena

Lion-prey relationships in Gir Protected Area- Meena Venkatraman, Technical Assistant


Historically, the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) has been associated with human settlements and
have been dependent on domestic livestock. Although conservation initiatives have reduced the dependence on domestic livestock, the park management continues to face the challenges of lion-human conflict.

Food habits of the Asiatic lion in relation to prey abundance in the Gir PA were studied from April 2002 to May 2005. Wild prey availability was assessed by line transects (n = 20) walked during both summer and winter. Livestock survey in 17 nesses and 3 forest settlements within the park wa s undertaken to assess the domestic prey base. There are about 3,896 buffalo, 845 cattle and 19 camels. Prey selection of lions was determined both by scat analysis (n = 120) as well as from lion kills (n= 206). Lion kills revealed that livestock represented 52% of lion diet. The proportion of wild and domestic prey in the diet was also assessed by scat analysis.

Project Title
Social organization and dispersal in Asiatic lions.
Dr. Y.V. Jhala, Dr. Ravi Chellam,WII & Shri B.J. Pathak, CF(WL), Junagadh Circle)
V. Meena, TA
Funding Agency
Initiation & Completion
08.03.2002 to 07.03.2007

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