Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Call of the wild.

Call of the wild 11 Jul 2007, 0000 hrs IST,VAIDEHI CHOKSHI Times News Network

He is passionate about wildlife and he captures that passion through his lens। In an interview with AT, Pathik Patel shares his love for photography...

A businessman and a wildlife photographer. Many would find the combination odd. It's his passion for photography that took Pathik Patel to jungles , wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks. For many years, Patel had an interest in photography . And like many others, he always enjoyed clicking photographs of his loved ones at social gatherings. Even though he didn't have any formal training in photography , he was determined to become a good photographer . "Jungles, nature and wildlife fascinate me. I have been to all the major wildlife sanctuaries. The recent debates on decreasing number of Asiatic lions in the Gir forest inspired my first solo wildlife photography exhibition ," says Patel. His ongoing exhibition titled 'Portraying the magnificence of tiger and lion' at a leading art gallery has won him appreciation from many quarters. The exhibition displays photographs of tigers and lions in their natural habitat. Their wildness and grandeur are beautifully captured by Patel. It's definitely not easy to be a wildlife photographer as it involves a lot of time. It might take months to get that one perfect shot. Technical soundness and creativity are essential attributes to excel in wildlife photography . "Apart from having the right equipments and setting for clicking, it is also important to abide by the rules and regulations of the forest department ," says Patel. Talking about his works displayed in the exhibition , he says, "The works displayed were clicked during my visits to Bandhavgarh Wild Life Sanctuary in the last three years. I feel, it is our prime responsibility to preserve nature. This exhibition is a part of my effort to bring awareness about the conservation of wildlife."

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