Monday, April 23, 2018

Conserving the king of jungle

Conserving the king of jungleGir Lion: Pride of Gujarat, a coffee table book by Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani, offers a peek into the rich history of the wild cat and the state’s efforts to keep its legacy alive. The recently released book engages the readers with its comprehensive and interesting account of the animal in Gujarat, which is its only abode in the world. The foreword calls this book is a “tribute to the state of Gujarat’s sincere and systematic efforts in conserving the king of the jungle”.

Besides taking the readers into the pages of history — from Egypt to current Gujarat, Nathwani has also drawn comparisons between the tiger and the lion, and highlighted the difference between their habits, characteristics and nature. It also provides interesting information on the flora and fauna of the Gir Forest. Nathwani has dedicated the Gir Lion: Pride of Gujarat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, taking inspiration from the slogan used for Modi at one point of time: ‘Dekho dekho kaun aaya, Gujarat ka sher aaya.’

Nathwani’s passion for the Asiatic Lion is what makes this book different from the rest. If you are looking for an example of his love for the animal and its conservation, just log on to his Twitter account where more than 100 tweets are dedicated to the lion. Not just information, the book also reveals some exciting anecdotes from history including how Egyptian King Tutankhamun tamed and worshipped lions, while the pharoahs started slaughtering them. It was always a struggle for surivival for the big cats, the book reveals. And if you thought this book only relies on information, there are some stunning photos which are a feast to the eyes!

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