Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lions pose for adorable family paw-trait

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The lions knew how to work the camera (Caters)

An adorable family of lions got together for a group photo.
The four cubs certainly know how to work the camera as they get in position and pose for a family photo.
The fascinating shot was snapped by photographer, Ahir Deepak Vadher, 28, who was at the Junagadh Gir Forest, in the Gujarat state of India.
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The photographer couldn’t believe his luck (Caters)
Ahir, who captured the group of playful cats in November last year, said: ’I was going heading out into the field when I saw five lions making their way along the lane.
‘After playing around with each other, a lion came and seat next to me and his mother sat behind him.
‘Then, naturally, two other cubs were behind their mother and I do not want to lose this opportunity.’

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