Sunday, December 31, 2017

Get up-claws with Kankaria zoo’s new attractions

The Kankaria zoo got two new guests on Friday: Shreya, an Asiatic lioness, and a white Bengal tigress who is still to be named. The animals, both aged around three-and-ahalf years, have been brought from Rajkot zoo as part of Central Zoo Authority’s exchange project. Kankaria zoo has given 74 birds and reptiles including four Indian rock pythons, two Indian cobras, four rosy pelicans to the Rajkot zoo. Zoo superintendent RK Sahoosaid, “We have a pair of Asiatic lions (Ambar and Janki) and a pair of tigers (Pratap and Ananya). We will breed the new tigress with Pratap as he is a white gene carrier. We will also breed Ambar with Shreya for lion cubs.”

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