A two-year-old lion cub was rescued from a well in Gir Somnath. A video shows the baby lion being pulled out of the 80-feet deep well after a strenuous operation of 6 hours. The video shows people in the vicinity standing around and watching the entire rescue operation. A man is first seen coming out of the well followed by the baby lion that was tied in a harness. The baby lion was caught inside the well and struggling for help for a very long time before the authorities and people could pull it out of the farm well. The video shows farmers and authorities celebrating on finally getting the lion cub out of the well.
The lion cub was locked inside a cage after rescuing and looked extremely terrified at the entire incident. A man was first entered into the well to tie the baby lion in the harness and help it come out of the well. The forest officials rescued the lion cub after various struggles, and the two-year-old baby was safely removed out of the deep well in Somnath area of Gir, Gujarat. The video clearly shows the struggles of the forest authority to help the two-year-old lion cub.
This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred in the Gir area. A similar incident occurred last week when a baby lion who was hardly 2-years-old was found trapped in a 50-feet deep well. While the rescue operation in the previous case was comparatively faster and finished in two hours, the baby cub in this 90-feet-deep well was much more difficult to take out. The rescue operation left the forest authorities a little tormented, but after a lot of hard work, they finally took the cub out safely.