Friday, June 30, 2017

Fake news about the jungle!

June 21, 2017 | LXXVII No. 13 | View PDF

Reading the recent piece about the circus visit, I found a statement to be two-thirds correct. “Jungle cats” is a misleading title for the three big cats that are part of the circus. Lions, specifically African Lions, are not jungle dwellers, unlike the tigers. Now, there is an exception. The Asiatic lion, a sub-species of lion, is found primarily in India. It does dwell in a jungle-like environment. When I visited the big cats before the circus shows began, I was not able to ask the lion if he was of Asiatic or African descent.
Given the tsunami of false, misleading, incorrect, half, quarter and eighth-truths that are pushed in all sorts of media designed to dumb down our population, I thought it was my duty to address this glaring impropriety.
I’ll close now; have to feed my two panda bears.
Bob Valen
Weather Hobbyist

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