Sunday, May 28, 2017

Roaring success: Lion cub triplets celebrate their first birthday at Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford

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THE first lion cub triplets to be born at Cotswold Wildlife Park turned one this week – and it was only to fair for dad to get in on the action when it came to unwrapping presents.
Cubs Kali, Sita and Sonika, celebrated their birthday at the zoo, near Burford, on Thursday. And they received a pile of presents which mum Kanha and dad Rana couldn't resist a sneaky peek at.
Gifts included the cubs' favourite food treats.
The trio were welcomed to the wildlife park on May 25, 2016, the park's pair of rare Asiatic Lions making history with the park's first ever lion triplet litter.
Kanha gave birth to the three female cubs in seclusion in the park's birthing den. One year on, the lively litter are out playing and messing about in the lion enclosure.
Asiatic Lions, native to Gujarat, India, are one of the world’s rarest big cat species. Wild population numbers have declined drastically over the last century, almost to the point of extinction.

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