Friday, March 31, 2017

Asiatic lioness, cubs set to charm zoo visitors

Nehru zoo has 12 male and 14 female lions, including newborns.
By   |   Published: 4th Mar 2017   11:29 pm Updated: 5th Mar 2017   1:07 am
Nehru Zoological Park
Cynosure: Seven-year-old Saina (lioness) with her seven-month-old cubs at Nehru Zoo Park.
Hyderabad: Saina, the seven-year-old Asiatic lioness, which gave birth to four cubs in August last in Nehru Zoological Park, will be soon released in its enclosure in the visitors’ area.
It is after a gap of more than two years that the lion population in the zoo has seen an increase.
Antony, an eight-year-old Asiatic lion, fathered the cubs, said the zoo officials, adding that the zoo currently has 12 male and 14 female Asiatic lions, which include the newly born cubs.
Officials said that, earlier after delivery, the lioness did not let anyone near her or the cubs, due to which the gender and health condition of the cubs could not be determined. “Saina is feeding the cubs and every precaution is being taken right from their birth to maintain their health,” said the official.
The lioness earlier used to hide its cubs every time a keeper or any other zoo staff went to provide food or approached the enclosure.
Saina is usually fed with half a kg of poultry in the morning while her lunch comprises six kg of beef and 150 gm of liver. For a few months after her delivery, she was provided with an additional two kg of chicken and beef, which was stopped recently.

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