Tuesday, February 28, 2017

With 100m eco-sensitive zone, Gir lions have lesser protection than tigers

| | Feb 17, 2017, 09.23 AM IST


  • The Asiatic lions, which are 523 in numbers, have the least protection
  • Three tiger reserves have a protection area ranging from 2 km to 14.85 km
  • The decision to modify the ESZ was taken at a meeting held on November 28(Representative image)(Representative image)
RAJKOT: In an election, every vote counts. And, the BJP government does not want to displease anyone living near Asiatic lion's last abode the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary , even if a decision results in dangerously less protection to this endangered animal.

A right to information (RTI) reply has revealed that the government has finally shrunk drastically the eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) from the earlier 8 km to 17.9 km around the sanctuary to a meagre 100 metres to maximum 500 metres in the modified ESZ proposal.


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