Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lions Subhi, Tejas arrive in Katraj zoo

Lions Subhi, Tejas arrive in Katraj zooThe Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has announced the arrival of two Asiatic lions in the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and Research Centre at Katraj.

Rajendra Jagtap, additional municipal commissioner, PMC, said, “We got a pair of lions from Gujarat’s Sakkarbaug Zoological Park, and have already started constructing cages for them. It will take around a month to finish the work and accommodate them.”

Rajkumar Jadhav, director of the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo, shared, “They have minor injuries and are in quarantine as required when animals are transported in the zoo. The minor injuries are only those which may ordinarily occur in transportation in cages. Both have completed five years of age. We will open them for public display after a month.” The pair is named Tejas and Subhi by the Sakkarbaug zoological officials. The feeding cost of each lion is around Rs 25,000 per month.

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