Saturday, January 30, 2016

The mane attraction! New enclosure for lions at London Zoo.

Artist’s impression of Land of the Lions
Artist’s impression of Land of the Lions. Picture: Tony Bates. Below: Indi, the Asiatic lioness.
 Indi, the Asiatic lioness.
Published: 8 January, 2016
LONDON Zoo has announced a brand new “lion experience” that will open in March.
Land of the Lions is inspired by Sasan Gir park and sanctuary in India – the endangered Asiatic lions’ only habitat.
Visitors can see the big cats roaming the “windowless” exhibit, explore the park and peer in from an overhead walkway at a world designed to look like the Gujarat state, with rickshaws, huts and a truck from the region inside the park.
And while the thought of sleeping with the lions may not appeal to everyone, the zoo is offering the chance to do just that, with new overnight accommodation in lodges.

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