Friday, October 30, 2015

Lion Safari to have leopards, deer and bears from Dehradun.

KANPUR: Lion Safari may get leopards, deer and bears from the Dehradun forest department. Separate areas for these animals are being carved within the safari premises. Three more Asiatic lions would become a part of the safari soon. These lions will be brought from Gir Forest of Gujarat. "The visitors at the safari would also come across leopard, deer and bear," divisional forest officer Anil Patel said.

The state government is set to develop separate zones for leopard, deer and bear within 350 acres of area at the safari in Etawah. "A detailed project report seeking clearance for it has been submitted to Central Zoo Authority. Separate areas for leopard, deer and bear in many hectares of land within the safari premises have been identified. National Chambal Sanctuary is already a home for a host of migratory birds coming from all parts of the Asiatic region, besides aquatic animals like Gangetic Dolphin, turtles and gharials, leopard, deer and bear at lion safari will create a natural ambience for wildlife lovers," Patel added.

A team of forest officials, including veterinarians had gone to Junagarh Zoo in Gujarat to undergo training to upkeep Asiatic lions.

The veterinarians were sent to Gujarat following the death of five cubs in Etawah lion Safari. Two of the five were stillborn and three died within weeks of birth. The vets said that the training honed their skills. Currently, there are six lions, including three females, in the safari. Patel said, "We have hired Chagan Lal Guha, an expert of Junagarh zoo. He stayed at lion safari for about a week and gave us tips helpful in rearing Asiatic lion. Three more Asiatic lions, one male and two females would be brought here from Junagarh zoo. Recently, a team of forest department and senior government officials from the state had visited Junagarh zoo to complete formalities in this regard."

The DFO said that a team of four keepers from Hyderabad would be hired during next breeding of Asiatic lions. "We are in the process of collecting data on male and female lions and their cubs from Junagarh zoo so that we customize it to suit the requirements of felines during next breeding session here. Chagan Lal Guha gave us tips regarding feeding and mating habits of lions," Patel added.

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