Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lion Safari in Nandankanan – Hot Destination for Kids.

Nandankanan-zoo-odishaBy Srikanta Mohanty: Kids simply jump to their feet, when they hear the idea about visiting Nandankanan. For decades, this has served as a hot destination for tourists and residents as well. Situated in the lush proximity of Chandaka Damapara wildlife sanctuary, the zoo is a rich natural habitat that literally could give every pleasure to the nature lovers.
“As the name ‘Nandankanan’   means the garden of God, it is unusual blend of flora and fauna that has a magnetic pull on people.  The beauty is you find people from every part of India in the crowd; all enjoying nature, animals, and ride in the toy train”-Says Nandita Pattnaik, who has visited this wonderful zoo many times in the past.
A bus-ride to the Lion Safari has stayed the most attractive part of the visit to the place. Visitors buy tickets as they are taken inside the enclosure of the dwelling place of lions in buses. Kids take the thrill of watching the ferocious Asiatic lions. One among the five big cat species discovered in India, the breed is far more attractive than the African Lions. The number of lions has dwindled in the past as the zoo had more than 54 lions before two decades. The safari spread on an area of 20 hectares of land has gone through a transformation as authority of Nandankanan brought cubs from Gujarat and other parts of India.  The safari has, at present, eight lions that present a unique view of the wildlife in Odisha.
“Tigers and lions take us on the wings of imagination. Watching Lion has stayed my fancy as it is the ruler of the kingdom of the wild. The majestic walk and impressive body with hair on face make this big cat a spectacular animal. The saddest thing is its population is declining all over the world. We need to do something drastic to stop its extinction”- Says Pradipto Guha- an eight year child, who shared the simply treasured moments of a ride inside the safari with his parents last year.


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