Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The new pride of Gir forest.

AHMEDABAD: There are new kings in the tourism zone of the Gir Sanctuary and they have rallied up a single pride in the area. Two lions, Kabir and Abhiraj, have formed a pride of 25 — including 11 cubs born to four lionesses. The pride is set to become even bigger as two more lionesses are to give birth by the end of the month.

At present there are around 50 lions in the tourism zone. In the past, the area was ruled by a group of 32 lions but after one died, the territory was takeover by Sandipan and Mandipan and the single pride split into three groups.

According to officials, the single pride was found in Raiydi, Khutani, Paravia, Pachadi, Dudhala and Kadeli areas but after the split one group ruled by Sandipan and Mandipan was found in Karamba, the second ruled by Ram and Shyam was found in Jambuthala and the third was taken over by Kabir and Abhiraj. However, off late Kabir and Abhiraj started forging their own territory and they now have nine lionesses in their pride.

Sandeep Kumar, the deputy conservator of forests, who is chronicling this takeover says, "Ram and Shyam, the other two lions have been dethroned Kabir and Abhijraj. The group now has 14 cubs, of which 11 newborns. We are keeping a close watch on the movement of the lioness to ensure the cubs survive."

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