Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pilikula to get hippos, lions, white peacock.

A white peacock from the Chennai zoo will be arriving in Pilikula zoo soon. File photo
Updated: April 5, 2015 10:04 IST
Govind D. BelgaumkarA white peacock from the Chennai zoo will be arriving in Pilikula zoo soon. File photo
Hippopotamuses from the zoo in Thiruvananthapuram, Asiatic Lions from Gujarat and a white peacock from Chennai zoo will soon be arriving into Dr. Shivarama Karanth Biological Park, according to Director of the park H. Jayaprakash Bhandari.
He told presspersons that preparations were on to get the animals and also to send some of the animals and reptiles to other zoos in the country from here.
He said the approval of the Central Zoo Authority was awaited for the transfer of three hippopotamuses, a pair of Asiatic lion and the white peacock. The zoo will need additional hands to take care of these animals and efforts were on the recruit the required staff.
The biological park, which is the only captive breeding centre for king cobra (kalinga sarpa) will exchange the reptiles with the zoos that come forward to give animals or birds to it. The Pilikula Zoo was also breeding barking deer and mouse deer, which too could be exchanged.
Zoos notified the access animals, reptiles and birds available with them and those that do not have a species could seek their transfer, subject to approval of the Central Zoo Authority.
He said the zoo had attracted over 5 lakh people in the last financial year and the gate collection had touched Rs. 1.5 crore compared to Rs. 60 lakh to Rs. 70 lakh during the previous years. Adults are being charged Rs. 50 and children Rs. 20 for entry into the park. Students coming from schools and colleges were enjoyed a concession.
Mr. Bhandari said an additional aviary was under construction. The existing aviary shelters several species.

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