Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another ailing lion dies at Etawah.

PTI [ Updated 16 Nov 2014, 19:11:21 ]

A lion who was ailing for over a month died today due to multiple organ failure at the Lion Breeding Centre in Etawah, officials sources said. A forest department spokesman said that advice from experts from across the country and abroad was taken for the treatment of the lion, named Vishnu, who was taken ill since the last one and a half months.
Vishnu died of cardiac arrest due to multi organ dysfunction this morning, he said. It is the second feline to die at Etawah Safari.
On October 30 an ailing lioness, named Lakshmi, who was ill for past one year, died due to multi-organ failure at the breeding centre, Etawah.
The Asiatic lion pair—Lakshmi and Vishnu—sent from the Kanpur Zoo to Etawah Lion Safari in September were suffering from ‘multiple infections’, including a viral infection that led to paralysis.
Both of them were later segregated and hospitalised in the safari soon after they showed symptoms of paralysis. They were brought to Kanpur Zoo from Hyderabad in April 2013.

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