Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truly Incredible! 10 Things You Can't Miss in India.

By SiliconIndia  |   Friday, 28 March 2014, 17:58 IST
Encounter the Gujarat's African-Indian tribe: African by origin, Indian by nationality with Gujarati as their lingua franca–the Siddi tribe settles in a village called Jambur in the heart of Gujarat. Just like any other village, Jambur has red mud by lanes, houses with thatched rooftops and a few small local shops. Located approximately hundred kilometers from Junagadh, the village is surrounded by the forest of Gir, which is home to the last of the remaining Asiatic lions. 60-year-old Siddique, speaking in heavily accented Afro-English said, “We have completed 300 years in Gujarat and this is our fourth generation in Jambur,” reports the Hindu.

According to the tribals, there is a long history to their presence in India. “The Nawab of Junagadh had once visited Africa where he fell in love with an African woman. They got married and she moved to India with him. She came to India with a hundred slaves and since then we have been based in Gujarat only,” he added.

Explore Real India in Train journey: For a real feel of the pulse of India, taking a train ride is a must in India. Thundering through cities, inching past villages, snaking along coastlines and climbing mountains, the network of toy trains, luxury trains, Shatabdi speed trains and commuter trains is lovingly known as "the lifeline of a nation.” During the train journey, one gets to witness different land masses that changes with each miles and also gets to hear all kinds of discussions ranging—from politics to economy and sports, people share their opinion on about everything. Indian Railways is the largest network of transportation in the world carrying more than 20 million passengers a day along 65,000 kilometers of track.

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