Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2nd case of lion drowning in 3 days.

Photo by Dilip Jiruka
AHMEDABAD: A lion drowned near MotiMonpari village in the Visavadar area on Tuesday; this is the second instance of a lion drowning in Gujarat in just three days.

Heavy rains have made rivers and causeways overflow, rendering lions' environs perilous.

On Tuesday, forest officials received a call about a lion's body being stuck in the pipe of a causeway. The pipe is meant to drain excess water. A rescue team reached Monpari River flowing near the Moti Monpari village. As the body was pulled out, officials noted that externally the body seemed intact. Officials said that later the post-mortem examination was carried out. But since the body had been submerged for nearly 24 hours, the organs were in no position to be examined and hence they were sent to the forensic science laboratory in Gandhinagar for further investigation.

As for the earlier instance of drowning, the carcass of a lioness believed to be around five or six years old was found from a lake in Alidar village of Junagadh's Kodinar taluka, on Monday. Sources said that villagers noticed the carcass floating in Pinchli Lake and informed the forest department officials. The lioness was removed from the lake. Officials said that the body was bloated and it is believed that the lioness may have died a few days earlier. It is also likely that the lioness was swept away in the local river in the Jamwala area of Gir which was flooded due to the incessant downpour last week.

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