Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pair of Asiatic lions coming to city zoo.

TNN Mar 12, 2013, 06.37AM IST

KANPUR: A pair of Asiatic lions will soon be part of the Kanpur zoo. The veterinarian at the zoo will be leaving on Tuesday for Hyderabad zoo to examine the health of the lions, their present living conditions and the enclosure in which they reside. The pair will be transported to the Kanpur zoo by road and similarly a rhinoceros will be transported to Hyderabad zoo. The cage in which the lion pair is to be brought to Kanpur zoo will also be examined by the veterinarian. Though he will not bring back with him the pair of lions, the zoo authorities will make necessary arrangements at Kanpur zoo once the vet is back. The lions are expected to be here before Holi.

Talking to TOI, Dr RK Singh zoo veterinarian confirmed he was leaving for Hyderabad on Tuesday and will be carrying out the important task of inspecting the health of the lion pair. He said before Holi the lions will reach Kanpur zoo and that he will be back earlier for necessary preparations. Dr Singh added that lions were a part of Kanpur zoo earlier, therefore, not much is to be done except construction of night enclosures.
The tiger Guddu will be shifted to another enclosure to make place for the pair of Asiatic lions. Tiger Guddu will be shifted to the enclosure next to the one occupied by tigers Abhay and Trusha and their three eight-month-old cubs. Apart from the construction of the new enclosure, three night cells will be made for the three cubs which are growing up.
"Trusha and its cubs are in one enclosure and man-eater tiger Prashant and Abhay take turns coming out into it from the night cell. The present enclosure of tiger Abhay will be renovated. The height of the boundary wall will be increased and fortified," said Singh, adding, "Also, Prashant and Abhay will get independent enclosures. The tigers will be able to do movement and exercise as well due to the large space that will be available to them."
"The height of the wall of the zebra enclosure situated next to the enclosure of Guddu will be increased. The moat area will be cleaned and the existing night cells will be repaired. We will go as per the layout plan chalked out today," added Dr Singh.

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