Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harassed lion attacks 2 near Mahuva.

MAHUVA: A lion attacked two persons near Otha village, some 20 km from Mahuva in Bhavnagar district, after a group of people cordoned off the animal and harassed it.
According to forest department officials, two injured persons have been identified as Ranchod Jingala (66), a resident of Otha village, and Manu Jamod (34) of Sodvadar village. One of injured person has been referred to Bhavnagar Civil Hospital.
"On Tuesday, large number of people gathered to watch lion near the village and the mob literally cordoned off the lion. The lion was harassed so much that it attacked the mob, leaving two persons were injured,'' a forest official said.
Forest officials added that there is only one lion living alone in the revenue area near Otha village for a long time. The five-year-old lion, which got separated from this group, has been spotted near Otha village since last few months. The animal has generated a lot of excitement among the local villagers as it has been spotted many times along the road going to Talaja.
It has become a difficult task for forest department to control the people to watch lion. In fact, forest department had planned to shift the 'lonely' lion to forest area to avoid human-wild animal conflict and placed cages as well, but failed to get success.
Officials said the incident was waiting to happen as people rush to the area as soon as the news of the lion being spotted spreads.
"Many a times, this lion is spotted in the bushes along the roadside. People have also tried to go near it to have a closer look. We have deployed our forest staff to keep a close eye on the lion as well as on passersby so that it is not disturbed. However, it has become impossible to control the mob,'' the forest official said.

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