Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bhavnath Mahashivaratri fair kicks off at Girnar hills, Junagadh.

Ahmedabad/Junagadh, 16 February 2012
2012 edition of Gujarat’s world-famous Bhavnath fair kicked off today.
About one million people from all over Gujarat and other states will visit this fair in the course of next five days.
Shaivait sadhus from all over the India participate in this fair.
Main attraction of this fair is stalls of naked Hindu saints(naga babas), and their midnight march/bath on Mahashivratri.
Bhavnath fair is mini version of Kumbh mela. In Kumbh mela sadhus take bath in a river in day light and all akhadas participate in it. In Bhavnath fair sadhus take bath in Mrugi tank in the midnight and only three akhadas(groups of sadhus) participate. Kumbh mela comes once in four years, Bhavnath Mela comes every year. Bhavnath fair is a must visit that can be cherished for life time.

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