Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tourist Pressure Forces Gujarat To Start New Lion Safari

Gir National Park

By: Priya Aggarwal| Published in Travel News|
Gujarat has decided to start a new lion safari thanks to increasing tourists to Sasan Sanctuary. The Amitabh Bachchan ad campaign has boosted tourists to Sasan Sanctuary that head forced Gujarat govt to set up a new lion safari.

Today Gujarat is the only home of Asian lions in the world. Smart marketing strategy by Gujarat tourism department has lead to sharp increase in tourists to lion safari like Sasan Sactuary. Forest officials fear the sharp increase in tourists could have negative impact on the wildlife.
Alone in the Diwali week, more than 30,000 tourists visited Sasan to see Lion. On average around 3000 tourists visited Sasan every day comparing to the daily limit of 1,200 for the Sasan.
The second safari would be near Tulsishyam. The 30km area between Tulsishyam check post to Rawaldam is perfect place to spot lions said the Forest Department. The department has also decided to cordoned area at Ambardi. These two proposed sites will ease pressure from Sasan.
Apart from that new safari would bring major cities in Gujarat close to the lion safari. This way tourists won't have to go as far as Gir. It would help in attracting more tourists from the cities. Being close th cities like Ahmedabad would mean that more foreign tourists can visit the safari as well.
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