Tuesday, May 24, 2011

India the Last Savior of Endangered Species.

The nature garlanded India with diverse climatic conditions, vast geography, vivid topography, and equal amount of water bodies to support wildness. The magical land of India is beautified by nature with snow capped mountains, rolling hills, sapphire rivers, emerald forest cover, charming flower basins, varied species of flora and fauna. These rich legacies of nature has been well preserved in our national parks, wildlife sanctuary, bio-reserve, marine reserve, and protected forest area.
The wildlife destinations in India are the last savior of endangered species in the world because of its timely act and measures concerning wildlife. Due to the human atrocities, changing of climate, natural calamities, and growing modernity has threatened wildlife to a great extent. In this case India has much preservation focal points for wildlife were they can find their abode. The few destinations are Sunderban National Park, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Gir National Park.
Sunderban National Park – The national park is a huddle of 56 islands covered with mangrove tress and is located at the Piyali district of West Bengal. The park is famed for the protection of Royal Bengal Tiger and is also a source of great wildlife tours filled with adventure. It is also a world UESCO heritage site and is spread across an area of 4262 square kilometers.
Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary – The park is an UNESCO heritage site and is located in the state of Assam. The park is famed for the rarest species of animal called the one horn Rhino and the great Indian Tiger. This is the only park in India where to deal with the poachers the forest officers are provided arms and license to kill.
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – The Periyar is the richest habitat of birds as well as animal and is the only man-made wildlife park in India. The park is famed for the protection of Asiatic Elephants and is the abode to the largest mammal in the world.
Gir National Park – The park is situated at the state of Gujarat and is famous for the Asiatic Lions. The park is the only save harbor to the 300 Asiatic Lions left in the world. The Indian scientist will now take sample from these living species of Lions to make clone of Asiatic Lions. These will no only help them to overcome extinction but will also save India from a national tragedy.
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