Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jairam wants a few Gir lions for MP.

Posted: Fri Jan 28 2011, 03:09 hrs Rajkot:

Union Minister for Environment and Forest Jairam Ramesh on Thursday called for the transfer of lions from Gir to Palpur Kuno Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. He said this is necessary to prevent the possible inbreeding among the surviving Asiatic lions at Gir.
“We will be happy to see a second home for Asiatic lions in MP. I have written to the state government. They should consider this,” said Jairam. He said his arguments are based on inputs provided by scientists, who have raised the threat of inbreeding among the species. He said Gujarat’s sentiments for lions are understandable, but the threat should not be ignored.
“They (the state government) think that lion is a state animal. They might not be the wrong. But there is a threat. Here in Gir, the lions have an inbred population and their genetic diversity is also limited. Many scientists are of the view that the lions should have a second home. Thousands of lions have died in Tanzania and Africa and inbreeding can become a possibility here too. I have written to the Gujarat government to transfer some lions to MP. But the government here thinks lions are their pride possession,” he said. 

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