Saturday, May 22, 2010

Living amid roar of lions

On Sunday morning, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi announced the official tally of the number of Asiatic Lions in the Gir forests in Saurashtra. But the roar of the Lion King is not the only beauty that the Gir jungles are host to.
A plethora of wildlife, flora and fauna, people and nature make the home of the Lion King strikingly beautiful and thrilling. The people in the forest - the Maldhari families - are an exotic tribe, who live in colonies called ness, with their livestock inside the forest. Their traditions and culture is distinctly visible in the way they live their lives with the wild beast.
The mutual tolerance - of the beast of the human presence and humans' endurance to deal with his attack on their livestock - is indeed a subject of study.
We present here a series of pictures, most of them taken during the Asiatic Lion census in Gir forest earlier this week. Renowned wildlife photographer Mukesh Acharya captures the myriad hues and moods of the woods in his lens.


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