Friday, April 9, 2010

The Asiatic Lion and the Maldharis of Gir forest: An assessment of Indian Eco-Development

This article is an analysis of the India Eco-Development Project (IEP) implemented in Sasan Gir National Park and Sanctuary. Statistical data describing the consumption patterns and financial status of the Maldharis was collected from 13 nesses. This information demonstrates the impact of the Maldharis on Gir, a lack of willingness among people to change environmentally harmful behavior when forest-dependent activities are economically beneficial, and that participatory approaches under IEP have resulted in positive changes in the lifestyle of the Maldharis and enhanced relationships with the forest department but have failed to improve conservation. The research seeks to assess the effectiveness of IEP in reducing the dependency of Maldharis on natural resources by considering (a) appropriateness of IEP strategies for the Maldharis; (b) methods used to apply IEP strategies; (c) amount of understanding of IEP among the Maldharis, particularly women; and (d) the ability and willingness of Maldharis to participate in IEP.



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