Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wildlife awareness lecture held

Express News Service Posted: Oct 11, 2008 at 0355 hrs IST

Ludhiana, October 10 Cape-India today organised wildlife awareness lecture and exhibition at Government High School, Salem Tabri. The programme was hosted by Dr Babita Jain, a state awardee. Various posters and banners related to wildlife were displayed on the occasion.

The lectures on lions, tigers, deer, global warming and punishment for wildlife crimes were listened to with great interest by the students as well as the teachers. The key-note speaker, Dr Sandeep K. Jain, Chief Coordinator, CAPE-India and Hony Wildlife Warden, said that Asiatic lions had become extinct from whole of Asia except India and that too in Gir forests (Gujarat).

It was interesting to note that children were aware of the punishment for hunting of wild animals, thanks to the much publicised Salman Khan case. But most of the participants were not aware of punishment which entailed teasing the wild animals in zoos, which is Imprisonment for six months or fine of Rs 2,000 or both. Sunurinder Kaur, Principal, Ramesh Kumar, Sukhdev Singh of Ecoclub, Dr Babita Jain also addressed the students and stressed the need to conserve nature and wildlife.

Students were also told about peacocks, deers and the banned animals in circuses/street shows etc and asked to protect the wildlife and its habitat. Surinder Kaur, principal, Ranjit Singh, Varinderpal Singh, Rakesh Jain and Parma Nand Shukla, both animal welfare officers, M.R. Singhal, advisor, CAPE-India, and Anju Jain were present on the occasion.


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