Friday, June 13, 2008

Want to be the proud owner of a lion? Visit Pandit Deendayal Zoo

Hiral Dave
Posted online: Tuesday , June 10, 2008 at 10:15:18

Rajkot, June 09 If you have ever dreamt of adopting a lion or gift a tortoise to your near and dear ones, you now have an opportunity to make it a reality. The Pandit Deendayal Zoo run by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) has come out with a scheme wherein residents can adopt any animal they like. In return, they can give them a name and take care of them.
In a bid to create awareness and foster a bond between humans and animals, the RMC standing committee last week gave its go ahead for the scheme. On Friday, standing committee chairman Dr Jayman Updhayay and member Kashyup Shukla adopted a cub each.

"Not fund raising, but the aim is to strengthen the bond between humans and animals. We want regular visitors at the zoo," said Upadhyay, adding: "The additional funds will help to upgrade the standard of the zoo in all aspects."

While the scheme will be opened for the public within two days after getting a green signal from the RMC commissioner's office, it has received a tremendous response with the zoo office already being flooded with inquiries.

The animals caged at the zoo, which is a part of Aji Dam, can be adopted for a day to one year. Besides, those interested can also provide additional facilities to cages like a cooler, benches, heater or even air-conditioners.

A lion cub can be yours for a month at a cost of Rs 2,200. And if you want to name a tortoise and have your nameplate on its cage, for a period of a year, it will cost you Rs 900. For animals like the leopard, one will have to shell out more, precisely Rs 62,000 per year, while a lion will cost Rs 1.25 lakh for a year.

There are 12 big cats at the zoo, including five cubs, two lioness and four lions. This zoo has also been the authorised breeding centre for the Asiatic lions. So, the donation made for the adoption of lions will also be utilised in taking care of Asiatic lions.

The zoo has over 13 cages with 100 inmates of several species of birds and animals. Bird lovers can also go for adoption of a single bird from the entire cage. The scheme will also be available for the Pradhyuman Park, which is under construction. With over 200 cages, the new zoo will house over 100 species, according to zoo superintendent B T Maradia.

Those who adopt any animal even for a day will be provided with a certificate. And, those who donate over Rs 2,000 can also see their nameplate on the cage of any animal of their choice.


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roopa said...

THanks for this information. I will put it on my blog. You already know that we adopted abear cub of the Wildlife SOS at their Agra facility