Sunday, October 21, 2007

Remains of 5 lions unearthed at Gir sanctuary.

New Delhi The remains of five Asiatic lions found buried in a private farm near the Gir Lion Sanctuary on Friday.

Forest officials say the lions, two of them cubs, were killed when they walked into an electrified fence put by the farmer.

Amreli Forest Officer J S Solanki says, “We monitor the pride regularly. We found the lions were missing, we were worried and searching intensely for them, our subordinate staff found them.”

Wildlife authorities are not treating this as a case of poaching. But the farmer, Durlabh Vadodarya, has been arrested and will be booked under the Wildlife Protection Act for putting up the fence illegally.

If convicted, he could spend up to seven years in prison. Forest officials say they could have done little to prevent the deaths.

“It is our responsibility, but this is outiside our protected area? How far can we operate?,” Solanki adds.

The Gir forest is the only remaining habitat in the world for Asiatic lions. There were more than 350 lions at the park in 2005. But the Wildlife Protection Society of India says 32 have died just this year - deaths this critically endangered species can ill-afford.


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Dhvanesh Adhiya said...


I ready about that in news paper.

I think gujarat government is very careless about asiatic lions.